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First Day of School Year 2021

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The school Year 2021 officially started last January 14.  Face to face classes was done since restrictions were lifted on schools and other establishments by the government.  A regular time schedule was observed, classes began at 7:30 a.m. and ended at one o' clock in the afternoon.  Not many students came but lessons were given anyway and expectations for more students to come may happen after a week.  

There were some new students also and they expressed optimism to learn further.  Teachers are also upbeat in the face to face lesson.  Online classes were given last year and they know how hard it was.  This year's method might give them respite.  Most teachers really feel online classes as very stressful.  Nevertheless, the teachers are prepared to serve the students who cannot attend the face to face classes.  Online classes might just be given anyway for them.  It is unavoidable, the pandemic is really causing much anxiety to everyone and that's why some parents prefer their kids to just stay at home.

Whatever, MIC is prepared to give quality education.  The plan is to provide a computer to every classroom complete with headphones with a mic to carry out the online classes.  The combination of face to face classes and online classes is what teachers, students, and parents will face through this school year 2021.  God bless.