Typing Speed Contest


Typing Speed Contest


The grade 5 lesson in Computer this last week of September was about typing fast and typing well.  The students typed the famous line "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" which has all the letters of the alphabet.  The students typed continually and they stop after hearing the alarm which signals the end of one minute.

They have to use two hands in typing in order to type well.  The left hand should manage all the keys on the left side.  The right hand is on the right side of the keyboard.  After that, they click Review and Word Count in the menu ribbon so they will know how many words that they have typed in one minute.  From there, the lesson became a contest in order to motivate the students more. 

In the preliminary contest, the grade 5 students had the first, the second, and third highest number of words typed.  Grade 5 Honesty had Alejandro, Maya, and Mhir as winners.  Grade 5 Confidence had Mia, Elnaz, and Upile while Grade 5 Perseverance had Kalpina, Marcio, and Maurizio.  

So today, September 28, the finals of typing competition were held during breaktime in the Computer laboratory.  All the representatives per class were there and the results were as follows:  First place, Mia Hamze, who typed 45 words per minute.  Second place was Kalpina Mabjaia, 42 words per minute.  And third place, Elnaz Mussa who achieved 37 words per minute.  Teacher Marly Gabriel, the School Principal, assisted by Teacher Ric, proudly hands over gold, silver, and bronze medals to the winners.  Congratulations!