Developing problem solvers and critical thinkers among kids through experiments

Doing simple experiments can develop kids to become problem solvers and critical thinkers.  The skills they learn can help them boost their self-confidence and can teach them how to handle stress.  Experiments such as how light create shadows and how light traverses or refract can make them aware of the importance of light in the environment.  The experience from that experiment will awaken the student's curiosity and thus will give them not only knowledge but skills in handling light and using it to their advantage.

Like for example when they are studying, ample light has to come inside the room aside from the artificial light that the room has.

Illuminating the room well can help them read and also their eyes won't get tired very soon. 

There was also this experiment from the last term where the kids measured the growth of plants.  It was a very productive experiment because the students are given new skills that they can use aside from just planting.  It also gave them knowledge of when they can expect a fruit or a flower.  Measuring the growth of plants, their leaves, and stems for a certain period, is a very good way of teaching the kids to become a scientist- observing and taking down notes.  And it shows that planting should be scientific.  Now you can see any anomalies or problems if the growth is not sufficient with the comparison of the data acquired before and the present.