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 team cheetah and eagle

Triumphant Moments: Highlights from MICamping 2024

MICamping 2024 culminated in a thrilling tie for the title of Over-all Champions between Team Cheetah and Team Eagle, showcasing their exceptional prowess and teamwork. Trailing closely behind were Team Falcon in 3rd place, followed by Team Panther in 4th, and Team Orca in 5th. Team Shark secured the 6th spot, while Team Python, Team Cobra, and Team Tiger claimed the 7th, 8th, and 9th positions respectively.

In a display of outstanding performance, Team Dragon seized the title of Best in Games, closely followed by Team Python and Team Panther, who secured the second and third positions. The dance competition saw Team Cheetah triumphantly clinching the top spot, with Team Eagle and Team Falcon securing second and third place respectively.

The Yell competition was fiercely contested, with Team Cheetah emerging victorious, closely pursued by Team Panther in second place and Team Eagle in third.

Individual recognition was also accorded to the most friendly campers, including Shane O’Donovan, Andrea Chizarum, Alice Kaiss, Malica Djambo, Lyannet Machaieie, Reina Kaiss, Tassiana Ramuchande, Winner Mbeu, Aline Kaiss, and Ilundi Bila.

Acknowledgment was also extended to the most disciplined campers, with Moema Nhavoto, Nathan Paruque, Arya Lodhia, Akil Palalane, Khalisi Nhavoto, Allan Wezo Jeque, Sanay Guiga, Scarlet Langa, Benzema, and Nyengo showcasing exemplary conduct.

For their exceptional sense of responsibility, Aliah Dalsuco, Aisha Rassul, Kaythan Arone, Eunice Mapanzure, Guiyani Pedro, Neylan Maputere, Suhani Kuparella, Marvin Ewadaba, Agida Braga, and Vanessa Tekwani were duly recognized.

The prestigious title of Best in Leadership was bestowed upon Neylan Maputere, a testament to their outstanding leadership qualities. Congratulations to all participants for their commendable efforts and achievements!