Maputo International College




It's a tradition in MIC that every end of the school year commencement exercises are done for those going to grade 7 or high school and for those going to the Primary or grade 1.  After finishing kindergarten, pupils undergo a program, but not a ritual, of celebrating the years that they went through.  Because it's not really easy going through the formative years of transforming a child from babies to grown-ups.  Teachers should be adequate enough to deal with them.  They should be properly trained in handling and teaching the little ones.  Imagine the cries and movement.  For sure they miss their moms and dads and the comfort of their homes.  How can they adjust from that is a big question which the Kindergarten Department is prepared to handle.  Child psychology plays a big factor.  Teachers should be very careful indeed in handling their emotions and at the same time teaching them how to grow and learn.  And by the time they graduate in kinder, the kids will be ready for the elementary or the primary level.  Learning would be different in that field.  Teachers will be different also.  Another adjustment that these children need to cope up with.  And by the time they are ready to enter high school, knowledge, skills, and attitude would be very different from the early years.  That's why these commencement exercises are needed to prepare them.  Exactly why the dress and the fotoshoot.

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