Maputo International College


Overnight Camp 2022

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The MIC Primary students went overnight camping at school on April 1 and 2, 2022. They brought their tents and the teachers helped them put them up. The camping began at 3:30 p.m., where the teams, which consisted of seven teams of about 12 students each, met and were briefed on the activities. Leaders were chosen from each team. Team 1 is named the Scout Rangers, led by Jaysheel Raichura. Team 2 is the Men in Lab led by Laila Aguirre. Team 3 are the Jabbers, headed by Upille Balane. Teams 4 are the Peace Keepers, or policemen, led by Noah Braga. Team 5 are the Cool Mentors, spearheaded by Shanya Jayantilal; Team 6 are the Range Merchants; and Team 7 are the Swabbers.

In particular, there are three major activities that each team needs to prepare for. First is the Creative Presentation, where they need to present themselves in a pantomime. Next is the Group Innovation, where each team needs to make a mask out of empty mineral bottles, socks, and garters. And then there's the Tiktok Dance Contest, where each team needs to copy or create their viral Tiktok dance.

The first activity, which was a creative presentation, went very well. The Peacekeepers team came first, followed by The Men in the Lab and The Swabbers. Others just had their consolation prizes. But all the teams did well, and everybody was jolted by each team’s presentation. The pantomime done by each team is awesome. 

The second activity, which is Group Innovation, was unique. It was a big challenge for each team to create the given task out of the given materials. It was there that teamwork was most needed. The Peacekeepers again prevailed, followed by The Cool Mentors and The Range Merchants.

Relay games came next, followed by the last major activity. The games were jubilant. Balloon puffing, egg relays, and obstacle races were fulfilled. Students from each team participated and exhausted themselves to get the best time. In the end, the Jabbers came first, followed by the Peacekeepers and the Swabbers. It was a night full of fun and excitement.

Lastly, before going to their tents, each team did Tiktok dances. From outside, combined with the bonfire, each team dances to selected music used in Tiktok. Eventually, the Swabbers grab first place. Second place went to The Jabbers, and third place went to The Range Merchants. A special prize was given to the Scout Rangers for their unique dance and participation.

Thereafter, the students went to their tents and rested. After waking up in the morning and washing, they did these short exercises, followed by breakfast. Soon after, awards for the most disciplined campers were given by the Principal of the Primary, Ms. Marly Gabriel, and they were: Shazain Sohail, Alecia Noe, Randil Athupitiya, Noah Braga, Neylan Maputere, Mohammad Ahmad Rauf, and Anjika Verma. Most responsible campers were also given to the following students: Kabir Kumar, Laila Aguirre, Upile Balane, Nesiah Patsy Medonga, Shanya Jayantilal, Shakirah Ibrahimo, and Maya Ewadaba. Lastly, "Best in Leadership" was awarded to Noah Braga and Shakirah Ibrahimo for their relentless guidance of their team members and successful presentations in the activities.

Congratulations to all. Everybody won. This may be the best overnight camp ever held by MIC so far.