Maputo International College


A lot of New students on the First Day

The first day of school is marred by new students coming from different schools in Maputo.  It was observed that new students are, on average, present in every class per grade level. The school opened on January 12 for the school year 2023 after more than a month-long vacation or holiday. Many students and even their parents are eager for school to start since the kids are really bored with just staying at home and doing nothing. Most parents also preferred to just stay in Maputo and nearby provinces rather than go outside the country, considering the costs and the continued threat of COVID.

The new students came from various schools in the city of Maputo. It would be interesting to conduct research into why they transfer. The cost of the studies, in particular, is the main factor, but other important aspects like the academics and the competencies of the school cannot be ignored. The school must have good teachers so students and parents will enroll even if the school’s tuition fee is high. Clean and quality facilities are the norm at a good school. That’s why Maputo International College is gearing up for that dimension. When someone walks in and sees the well-kept plants and garden, the shiny floors in the hall and staircase, as well as the clean toilets, and most importantly, the very organized classroom with top-of-the-line chairs and tables, topped off with a high-tech smartboard in every class, they are immediately impressed. For sure, these are the reasons why many new students have enrolled in MIC.

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