Maputo International College


Overnight camping in 2023


Perhaps the most behaved participants happened during this overnight camp held in MIC on March 17, 2023. A lot of students joined

and 10 patrol teams were formed with about 10 students. The names of each team were taken from new languages used by the teens themselves, teams Shook, Vibe, High Key, Flex, Mood, TBH, Glow Up, Ok Boomer, Woke, and Yolo. 

By 6 p.m., the teams were called and briefed about the schedule.  Each team was asked to prepare a creative presentation to introduce them, which will happen before dinner, followed by the games, campfire, and dance presentations. All seem to be excited and ready to start.

The moment each team presented themselves in a creative way, many were surprised to see something different. There were teams that wore costumes with background music, while some teams just yelled and shouted vigorously to announce who they were. After that, each team went to eat their dinner. It was an opportunity for them to chat more and mingle with their fellow members.  They knew that it was the best time for them to plan more for the next program.

Games were the next program on the schedule.  There were 3 games held where all teams went for a race.  It was more of an obstacle race that combined three tasks for each team to do, like a sack race, putting the ball on the container, changing clothes, and going down the table and passing it around until the last person in the group. The three teams with the best time records won the games.

Anyway, it was very enjoyable and funny since the children were hurrying and they really looked funny along the way. After the games came campfires and dance competitions.  Each team displayed its skills by following tiktok dances and fads. After all the teams have danced, they are told to arrange themselves for a good night's rest inside their tents, which all of them follow.

In the morning came the awards. The first prize for creative presentation went to Patrol Woke, followed by High Key and Mood. The dance presentation came to Patrol Mood for first place, followed by High Key and Team Flex. The sack race relay went to Patrol Woke for first place, followed by High Key and Patrol Vibe. Pingpong relay went to High Key patrol, followed by Woke and Glow Up. 

There were also individual awards given to deserving campers: Most Friendly, Most Responsible, Most Disciplined, and Most Helpful. One was chosen in each team patrol to receive the award, but only four received the Most Helpful award: Nyengozawo Kaonga of Patrol Vibe, Ishe Nyika of Patrol Woke, Kyara Chissano of Patrol High Key, and Nathan Parruque of Patrol Yolo.

Congratulations everyone!