Maputo International College


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"A Spectacular Showcase: Maputo International College's Vibrant 6th Foundation Day Celebrations"

Maputo International College's 6th Foundation Day celebration last Friday, February 23, 2024, was truly remarkable. The event was highlighted by a highly successful program organized by the Kindergarten and Primary Department, showcasing the talents and achievements of the students. Additionally, the Garage Sale added a lively touch to the festivities, with many children enthusiastically participating in selling and purchasing items. The bustling atmosphere as people browsed around, contemplating their purchases, added to the excitement of the day. It was indeed a memorable and engaging event for all involved.

The Foundation Day celebration at Maputo International College kicked off with a vibrant performance by the Kindergarten department. Under the guidance of Teachers Arlene Berdos and Charlene Upano, the young pupils danced and twirled around the stage, spreading joy and excitement. The energy continued to soar as each grade level, from preparatory to kinder two, took their turn to showcase their talents. Parents were delighted as they watched and captured these precious moments on film, creating lasting memories of their children's impressive performances. It was truly a remarkable show that brought the school community together in celebration.

Following the Kindergarten department's lively performance, the Primary Department took the stage with their own engaging program. Hosted by sports teachers Miss Cristina Matusse and Miss Teresa Nambora, the event showcased the talents of the primary students. Grade 1 impressed the audience with a dance number, while Grade 2 captivated everyone with a lively singing and dancing performance. Grade 3 and Grade 4 also showcased their dancing skills, accompanied by a sweet melody. The highlight of the day came when Grade 5 students delivered an awe-inspiring rendition of "You Raise Me Up," leaving the audience in awe. Grade 6 wrapped up the program with a fantastic dance performance, showcasing their skills and enthusiasm. It was a day filled with talent, energy, and joy for all who attended.