Maputo International College


          Reading, Part of the Exam

reading1In this school year, 2023, reading is officially part of examinations. The grades 1 and 2 students took part in an individual reading of words, letters, and sentences. In particular, grade 1 students have letter recognition, letter sounds, and consonant-vowel-consonant as their major points of evaluation. Grade 2 students have a different format. The students were evaluated at the 1-minute mark. If they can read 121 words, then they are considered excellent readers. Below that will be just good readers and better readers.

This school year also marked a uniform standard for taking written tests. There are no more long tests. It used to be a pre-test to prepare the students for their exams. But now the long tests are taken out, and all the primary students are given their final examinations for the end of the term.

So far, according to Teacher Rhobie, the year-level coordinator for Grade 1, the pupils have difficulty recognizing the letters w and y. That’s all that she noticed, but in general, the students have done very well.

Reading is indeed a vital part of the evaluation, and so the school is seeing to it that all students can read and understand what they are reading. And starting it in grades 1 and 2 will make them more competent along the way as they grow up.