Maputo International College


First Assembly for the school year 2023

Nesiah and Kaylene during the first assembly


The first assembly for the school year 2023 was held last Friday, January 27 at the MIC sports hall.  More than 300 students came, reportedly more than the previous year.  A lot of new students have also enrolled, coming from various schools in Maputo.  Each class came in line with their class advisers, eagerly following the formation in the assembly.  The assembly started with a prayer, thanking God Almighty for the gracious perseverance of humanity during the epidemic.  After that, the national anthem was played, a symbolic act of respecting the nation and training the students to be loyal citizens and patriots.  

The principal of the primary department, Teacher Marly Gabriel, welcomed all teachers and students for the school year 2023. She was very glad to call all the new students, who were given some candy.  Then, Nesiah and Kaylene, both Grade 6 students, facilitated the assembly, announcing the coming activities, especially the foundation day, which will be on February 24 and 25.  Birthday celebrants for the month of January were called and were also given candies.  All students were reminded to study well and to abide by the rules and regulations set by the school.  February 17 will be the parents' and teachers' meeting.  It will be the first meeting for the teachers and parents at which all upcoming activities and important matters concerning their children, will be discussed.

All students afterward, exercised gleefully with the guides of Teachers Kaye, Nusha, and Vincent.  I hope that this school year is a blessing for everyone!