Maputo International College


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It’s time for Africa!

May 25 is the date set for Africa Day. It all started with the founding of the Organization of African Unity on May 25, 1963, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. After that, the organization was changed to the African Union in 2002, and it aims for the freedom of the African continent from foreign dominance and exploitation ( But of course, now, the aim would be a more positive approach to how each country can contribute to its own development and growth.

The annual commemoration of Africa Day raised awareness among children about Africa. Maputo International College focused the celebration on the traditional dress, which was somehow fused with modern motifs. The design of clothes and even dances was indeed improved to a more modern style.

The modern style of clothes fused with African traditional dresses was showcased at the celebration. Each grade level was given time to do a catwalk on stage and present their dresses. After that, they danced to their African tune. It was so vibrant that even the audience was dancing.

Mr. and Miss Africa were chosen afterward from each grade level. Everyone could see how beautiful the children were when all the winners from each level were presented. It was phenomenal.

The list of winners is as follows:

Grade 1 Wisdom, Emmanuel Mapanzure, and Thais Ussaca

Grade 1 Hope, Hacelan Michau, and Maysha Givia

Grade 1 Love, Keion Buenaventura, and Radhika Arvinkumar

Grade 2 Modesty, Afam Egbuono, and Lara Massango

Grade 2 Faith, Tinashe Tiriamua, and Khyedra Joaquim

Grade 2 Unity, Jayson and Josh Nhonguane, and Alya and Hayat Omeis

Grade 3 Kindness, Diego and Klaus de Castro, and Assyrah Ussene

Grade 3 Patience, Aecio Machavana and Reina Kaiss

Grade 3 Diligence, Rayan Akchar, and Aynoha Mendes

Grade 4 Generosity, Chori Falange, and Mirella Fenita

Grade 4 Loyalty, Hamza Bajwa, and Thomyle Chiboleca

Grade 4 Humility, Adam Rafik, and Andrea Chizarum

Grade 5 Confidence, Kaylo Muianga, and Palmira Bento

Grade 5 Perseverance, Raymond Malili, and Eunice Mapanzure

Grade 5 Honesty, Marvin Ewadaba, and Chimamanda Nzelu

Grade 6 Charity, Ahmad Rauf, and Maya Jacque

Grade 6 Harmony, Mustapha, and Katelyn Macie

Grade 6 Compassion, Luan Laforte, and Kaylen Nhonguane

Congratulations for a joyous African day celebration!