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MIC delegate

Maputo International College dominates Model United Nations Conference

MIC swept the top honors at the recent Model United Nations Conference hosted at AISM from March 15 to 17, 2024. Among the standout achievers were high school students Nicole Narciso, Margaret Muleta Masupa, Quizana Guivala, Tanaya Cumbana, Thulane Sitoe, and Ranim Kaiss, all hailing from Maputo International College (MIC). These students showcased exceptional debate skills across four committees: Human Rights, Security Council, Political Committee, and General Assembly.

Representing various nations, delegates from five participating schools engaged in tackling pressing global issues, including the Gaza conflict, blood diamond trade in Congo, the Tigray conflict in Ethiopia, and emerging human rights challenges in developing nations. MIC's exemplary performance was evident as they clinched the highest accolades in all four committees.

The Best Speaker awards, conferred by committee chairpersons who moderated debates and discussions, underscored MIC's prowess in articulating insightful perspectives and proposing effective resolutions. The Model United Nations Conference, a United Nations initiative, serves as a platform for students worldwide to delve into UN procedures, debates, and resolution-making processes.

This year's conference brought together students from Maputo International School, Aga Khan International School, Portuguese School, American International School in Maputo, and MIC. Heartiest congratulations to MIC for their outstanding achievements, setting a benchmark for excellence in diplomatic discourse. Best wishes for their continued success!