Foundation day celebrations


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Fifth Foundation Day

It was raining too much on a daily basis in the last week of February. The school should have celebrated its foundation day last Saturday, February 25, but the persistent rains postponed it to March 4. So preparations were made, and many were adamant that the bad weather would not happen on that day. By Saturday, the sun was shining very brightly. There is no sign of dark clouds forming overhead. Early on that day, the trailers went and formed a line on the road. The parade is going to start. Children and their parents are starting to arrive. Many of them are wearing colors to signify the uniforms for their grade level. They then went inside the trailers, which were decorated with balloons and letters about the foundation day. The parade went around the city, starting with Vladimir Lenin, Eduardo Mondlane, Julius Nyerere, and Mao Tse Tung, then returning to Coop for the road back to school. Parades are a traditional way of showing to the public how joyful the school students, faculty, and staff are in celebrating foundation day.

After the parade, people arranged their stuff for the garage sale. Many sold food items; some were toys, gifts, and other things people can use in everyday life. A lot came to buy food. A program was held at the same time. There were dances and music to entertain everyone. The environment was filled with fun and joy, which really reflected the celebration of Foundation Day. Congratulations, MIC faculty and staff, parents, and students!