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Graduation: The Conquest for Success!

Success comes after failure and consistent doing of work. Never give up they say, even if you fail. This pandemic has hampered us in many aspects, but it should not be the reason for us to stop doing what we normally do before. That's why this graduation and its theme, "Graduation:  The Conquest for Success!" was conceived. It means a lot that we can live on and continue with our lives.

Maputo International College first had the Kindergarten Department celebrate its Graduation Day last November 23, 2020, in Auditorio Complexo Pedagogico II in Eduardo Mondlane University. The first batch was held beginning at one o'clock to three in the afternoon. The second batch began at four in the afternoon to six in the evening. There were 23 boys and 24 girls in total who finished Kindergarten II and will be ready for Grade 1 next year. To observe physical distancing, chairs were placed about 2 yards apart. Even on the stage, marks were placed so students can go and receive diplomas. The emcees were teachers Natalie Laddaran and Karra Shelby Tan.

In the Primary Department, teachers Vincent Maghanoy, Nora De Guzman, and Ms. Agnes Asuncion were the masters of ceremony in the graduation ceremony of the primary which was held last November 24, 2020. It also had 2 batches. In total, there were 33 boys and 36 girls who finished Grade 6 and will be Grade 7 next year. The program in the primary was a little bit different from the Kinder. There were candle-lighting before the graduates sang their graduation song. After that, each of the graduates expressed their gratitude to their parents by the simple giving of flowers.

Both ceremonies finished earlier than expected. All the graduates, parents, and teachers as well, were happy to see that everything was done smoothly without much problem. The school principal, Ms. Marly Gabriel, and school director, Mr. Mohammad Jamil Kassem congratulated everyone for making both programs a success.