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Teacher Paula

Zoom meetings and Google Classroom are now being used extensively in both Primary and High School Departments.  Both platforms are essential in the online classes since after schools were suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.  The online classes started last March 23, 2020, and all students and teachers scamper to have a computer and an internet connection.  Very few students who don’t have a desktop or laptop to use managed a cellphone to see and work on their assignments.  Soon students will be eagerly awaiting their zoom meetings with their teacher.  Some of them are indeed very active and present in Zoom but not quite in doing their work or assignment in the Google Classroom.  It’s a phenomenon.  Maybe someone needs to research the effects of Zoom and Google Classroom on the students.  How effective is the Zoom meeting?  What measurements can we use, to say the least, that Google Classroom achieved its goal?  There might be more questions.  Anyway, the Zoom platform was even there before the pandemic. 

According to Anderson Hagler, a student who later works as a professor in Duke University in the United States,

“Zoom allows class sizes to expand and contract seamlessly. Instructors simply create a link for each Zoom meeting through the web portal and then share it with their students. Once Zoom is installed on a computer, students simply click on the link to join their online class at the designated time. Best of all, it is free of charge.” (

And that’s exactly what is happening.  Students just click on the link that the teachers gave in the Google Classroom and even in WhatsApp, and off they go for an enjoyable Zoom meeting with their teacher and their classmates.

As to Google Classroom, we can see and understand exactly what it is in how one study gave its introduction,

“Google Classroom is a new tool introduced in Google Apps for Education in 2014. This classroom facilitates the teachers to create and organize assignments quickly, provide feedback efficiently, and communicate with their classes with ease.” (

Further, the study says, “Respondents strongly agreed and satisfy with the introduction of Google classroom an active tool of learning and would recommend it to be applied to other appropriate subject.”