The Value of Long Tests


The Value of Long Tests

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Long tests are tests that are given before the final exam. These are preliminary checkups to see how far the students have learned. Also, these tests will give teachers some insight on what particular subjects they need to improve, so students will know and understand the lesson well. For example, if many students fail to get a correct answer to a particular question, it means that they don’t understand that item well. So there is a need for teachers to be more responsive by improving questions and explaining them well so they will understand.

The long test helps the students cope with the lesson. But the results of the long test should be explained well to students so they will not feel depressed if their score is low. They should look at it more positively so they can improve their score on the final exam. Students should understand that these long tests are given so they can prepare for their exams. But the whole thing is that learning is part of life, and when they fail to get it right, they should have that kind of responsibility to correct it next time. Examinations are not meant to create a feeling of depression among students; they are meant to create a sense of responsibility among those learners to remember the concepts and present them in their most valuable form. (Source:' growth/)

So from March 8 to 11, the Primary Department will have tests. Students must study well. Teachers should see to it that they have explained well and their choice of questions must be coherent with what they have taught. Nowadays, kids are more active, so they have to always be disciplined not to do something else inside the class. They have to pay attention and concentrate on what is being discussed all the time.


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